Dynamic Selectors in UIPath

In this tutorials we will learn how to pass variables to selectors dynamically

Requirement :
Lets say a website having date picker activity then it should select the date dynamically.
As shown below image


To open a website we need to use open browser activity and pass the url
as shown below

Then we need to click on the date picker so that it will display all the dates.

Then we need to select any date ,to do this I am using click activity in uipath.

Then observe the selectors, it will be in below  static format

To pass the date dynamically , lets read that date from keyboard using input dialog box activity in uipath lets take that value in to name variable. As shown below

 To lets edit the above static selector, lets make dynamic by using name variable which we have dynamic date.
To change the aaname parameter which is having 10 to '"& name &"'

As shown below
So it will become dynamic selector.

If you are looking for video version of  it, then please refer below tutorials

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