UiPath Interview Questions

Below are some real time interview questions asked shared by few subscribers of my youtube channel in UiPath Rpa

1.In real time can you explain any 2 production issues faced and solution for it?
2.In Real time will people use both ie,chome also for spying purpose?
3.In real time will people use outlook to send email?
4.Whats the difference between the asserts which are stored in orchestra tor and the ones which we store in config file?
5.How will we deploy the package from one environment to another?
6.In real time after each action will you wait for a any element?
7.what are the things we must follow to secure our data?during automation
8.Thinks to consider while correcting the selector ?
9.In Real time will u use recorders?or will u build from scratch?
10.most used activities in any automation?
11.any 2 challenges faced so far during development.?
12.best practices to make the automation future prof?
13.As a developer what the things I must know from orchestra tor perspective?
14.calling web service will we use frequently?
15.how will u handle if excel is larger?

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